Best Farm Stay For Agro- Tourism in Pune

Look no further than Avani Agro Tourism for a unique and genuine agricultural experience in Pune. This family-owned farm is the ideal location to get away from the bustle and hustle of the city and experience the beauty of rural life. Here are some reasons why Avani Agro Tourism in Pune is a top farm.


The farm is first and foremost located in an attractive and peaceful region that is surrounded by stunning views and rich nature. The farm, which covers over twenty-five acres, grows a variety of distinct agricultural products like mango, Chikoo, guava, coconut, and more. The farm includes a lovely lake where you can relax and take in the peaceful scenery.


However, Avani Agro Tourism's commitment to healthy agricultural practices sets it unique compared to other farms in Pune. They practice ecologically farming practices and use organic fertilizers and herbicides. The farm uses solar energy to run its activities and includes a system for collecting rainwater. This dedication to sustainability not only protects the environment but also ensures that the farm's produce is safe and healthy for consumption.


A variety of activities are offered by Avani Agro Tourism so that guests can learn more about farming in-depth. To understand more about the many crops grown there, you may take a tour of the farm. You can also try your hand at driving a bullock cart to plough the fields. Participation in rural activities like making pottery and milking cows.


Avani Agro Tourism offers cultural tours that provide insight into the region's rich history and traditions for people who are interested in learning more about the local ways of life. To understand the culture more effectively, you can interact with the locals, experience the cuisine, and learn about the local art and craft forms.


The farm also offers a variety of accommodations, including traditional mud houses and tents, for those who wish to stay overnight. The rooms are clean and comfortable and offer all the basic amenities. The farm also has a restaurant that serves delicious and wholesome meals made with fresh produce from the farm.

One of the highlights of Avani Agro Tourism is its adventure activities. 


The farm offers a variety of thrilling activities for individuals of varying ages, including Rain dance, tractor ride, campfire, and many more agriculture fun activities All safety precautions are taken to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience during these activities, which are carried out under the supervision of trained experts in the field.

Avani Agro Tourism is the ideal vacation destination for families with children. The farm's unique play area is a great place for kids to run, climb, and play. In the farm's petting zoo, kids can get up close and personal with farm animals like cows, goats, and rabbits.


In conclusion, Avani Agro Tourism is the best farm stay in Pune for those who looking for an authentic agricultural experience. The farm's commitment to sustainable farming practises, its range of activities and accommodations, and its dedication to preserving local culture and traditions make it an excellent choice for families, couples, and solo travelers alike. So, if you're planning a trip to Pune, be sure to add Avani Agro Tourism to your itinerary!